Taxing Air - Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change


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Taxing Air is an outstanding contribution to the growing literature that examines and calls to account the climate alarmism of the past two decades. Written for the lay person and aided by Spooner’s insightful illustrations, it provides an accurate, easily understood explanation of the many scientific and technical issues that comprise today’s climate science. Equally important, it examines the history and exposes the duplicity of some of the individuals and organisations who have vested interests in creating and maintaining horrific visions of an imagined global warming future. The book would make a splendid gift to certain members of the climate science establishment.

Dr. Art Raiche
CSIRO chief research scientist (retired)

After starting to read it, I could not put Taxing Air down. My congratulations to the team of authors, who have highlighted every facet of the worldwide scam that is called Man Made Warming, and which demands that all families pay a tax on the very air they breathe. Responding to vested interests, western politicians have already wasted trillions of dollars to frighten people with lies about industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

In fact, today’s global temperature lies well within life’s limits – indeed, the present-day is cooler than much of previous geological time. The gas of life rather than a pollutant, atmospheric carbon dioxide has nurtured all the forms of organism on planet Earth for many hundreds of millions of years, as is so clearly explained in this beautifully written and illustrated book.

Professor David Bellamy, OBE
President, Conservation Foundation, UK
Trustee, World Land Trust (1992-2002)

'Taxing Air' presents information on the currently highly politicized issue of climate change in an enlightening and dispassionate way. The author clearly explains in an understandable, but scientific, way the major themes of the current debate. He also shows how the public has been deceived for political reasons using political techniques thus leading to the corruption of the scientific process and eventually a reduction in confidence in the scientific community. A very good read!!!

Boyd M. Murray (Amazon)

[Taxing Air] is illuminating, well written, organized and informative.

Brice Bosnich

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December 18, 2013: Response to review by Ian Enting

Taxing Air by Bob Carter and John Spooner

by Bob Carter & John Spooner
with Bill Kininmonth, Martin Feil,
Stewart Franks, Bryan Leyland

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