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Taxing Air is an outstanding contribution to the growing literature that examines and calls to account the climate alarmism of the past two decades. Written for the lay person and aided by Spooner’s insightful illustrations, it provides an accurate, easily understood explanation of the many scientific and technical issues that comprise today’s climate science. Equally important, it examines the history and exposes the duplicity of some of the individuals and organisations who have vested interests in creating and maintaining horrific visions of an imagined global warming future. The book would make a splendid gift to certain members of the climate science establishment.

Dr. Art Raiche
CSIRO chief research scientist (retired)

After starting to read it, I could not put Taxing Air down. My congratulations to the team of authors, who have highlighted every facet of the worldwide scam that is called Man Made Warming, and which demands that all families pay a tax on the very air they breathe. Responding to vested interests, western politicians have already wasted trillions of dollars to frighten people with lies about industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

In fact, today’s global temperature lies well within life’s limits – indeed, the present-day is cooler than much of previous geological time. The gas of life rather than a pollutant, atmospheric carbon dioxide has nurtured all the forms of organism on planet Earth for many hundreds of millions of years, as is so clearly explained in this beautifully written and illustrated book.

Professor David Bellamy, OBE
President, Conservation Foundation, UK
Trustee, World Land Trust (1992-2002)

I’ve read a lot of books on climate change from both sides of the debate, and I think this one … is a standout. And I think it … should be in every school, every university, every community library, and especially in the offices of every federal and state MP in the country. It really does deserve to be widely read. It presents a … compelling case against the whole theory of anthropogenic global warming [which] from my perspective is a theory that has completely corrupted public policy making in most of the developed world

Nick Minchin, Avenue Bookstore launch, Melbourne, July 2
Former Senator and Minister for Finance

[The authors of Taxing Air] calmly, analytically and totally dismantle the global warming stupidity. They explain the basics of climate; they pose and answer the most basic questions - which are usually skated over or ignored by the so-called consensus - about global temperatures, their change or not, over time, and the various claims about them. ... The extent of the relentless, sheer, never-ending industrial scale stupidity that Carter-Spooner clinically but devastatingly expose.

Terry McCrann
July 6th, The Australian

Now I can recommend you the book wholeheartedly. Honest, readable, clear, accurate, colourful, comprehensive, balanced, usable as an encyclopedia to recall the answers to the basic questions. Just buy it and read it.

Lubos Motl
July 8th, The Reference Frame

... it is deeply refreshing to read the new book called Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies About Climate Change by the internationally respected geologist Bob Carter and illustrated by the cartoonist John Spooner, which puts climate change exactly where it should be - in perspective. After demolishing many other arguments for carbon taxes and climate alarm, Carter runs through recent weather events, showing that there is nothing exceptional, let alone unprecedented, about recent droughts, floods, heat waves, cyclones or changes to the Great Barrier Reef.

Matt Ridley
July 12, The Australian

In methodically chronicling the background to the ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic global warming scare, the lack of ethics, integrity and most of all the paucity of evidence weighed against the social and financial cost, Carter and Spooner frame a clearer perspective in which to judge the appalling travesty on science and the industrialisation of political lobbyists and rent-seekers that climate change advocacy has become.

Max Rheese, Director Australian Environment Foundation
July 16, Quadrant Online

What do I like about the book? Well, it has a light-hearted side to it, which is a tonic, given that so much writing on these topics is deadly serious and deadly dull. Spooner’s illustrations are great fun. The graphs are excellent, and in this field you absolutely need to compress a lot of data into graphs … the argument is sensibly and systematically organised. What it does is to present the orthodox position, and show what is wrong with it ...

Emeritus Professor Don Aitkin
July 25,

By reaching the end of this accessible book, any layman with an open mind would be wondering what the fuss is all about. ... the book is certainly an excellent, accessible way to become acquainted with the sceptical case in this long-running debate.

Mark Lawson
August 2, Financial Review

There are many excellent works I could recommend on climate change written from a sceptical perspective — by Ian Plimer, by Christopher Booker, by that skinny, swivel-eyed pom with the funny glasses whatever his name is — but this is the most useful of the bunch because it keeps things so very simple.

James Delingpole
August 3, Australian Spectator

The tone of Taxing Air is disarmingly reasonable. It is neither polemical nor agitated. It reads easily and is very clearly laid out. It is replete with comprehensible graphs and charts, which purport to provide the evidence for the case being made. It is delightfully illustrated with numerous witty cartoons by Age cartoonist John Spooner. To my knowledge, it provides the clearest and most complete summation of the "sceptic" case in print. ... If you are curious about why "climate sceptics" are "in denial", read this book. It is all laid out here for you.

Paul Monk
August 3rd, The Age

The ongoing nonsense about climate change has been due to the fact that most politicians and Journalists are complete scientific illiterates. A new book by Professor Bob Carter and John Spooner would be of great benefit to all members of Parliament. The book covers all the topics which have been confused and misrepresented by the self-appointed Climate Change experts.

The Parliamentary Library should hold several copies and any politician who votes on the Carbon Tax should have one.

Jose de Viana

My copy [of Taxing Air] arrived late yesterday, and I read the opening chapter this morning before breakfast. I think it reads well, is quite understandable to the layman, is attractively presented, and has a lot of depth. John’s artistry demonstrates a lovely Aussie flair!

Peter Kemmis

I love the question and answer style. It means, for me, I can read it in short bursts and target the areas that interest me

Dianne Hall

Congratulations on the book, it’s a winner.

Alan Longhurst

[Taxing Air] is illuminating, well written, organized and informative.

Brice Bosnich

[Taxing Air is] beautifully presented and an enjoyable and informative read.

Paul Evans

Enlightening and dispassionate. 'Taxing Air' presents information on the currently highly politicized issue of climate change in an enlightening and dispassionate way. The author clearly explains in an understandable, but scientific, way the major themes of the current debate. He also shows how the public has been deceived for political reasons using political techniques thus leading to the corruption of the scientific process and eventually a reduction in confidence in the scientific community. A very good read!!!

Boyd M. Murray (Amazon)

The other side of the story. Brilliant. Good to have a decent opinion of this topic. Too much gloom and doom, this book gives sensible alternatives.

Leila Goodlock (Amazon)

An easy to read rebuttal of global warming myths. I found it easy to read & credible with lots of fact based arguments on why climate change isn't new & isn't a threat to mankind.

Colin M. Nagel (Amazon)

Good to see some non PC science! It seems credible and makes sense over a longer time frame. I am now more worried about the next ice age than global warming!

Ian McDonald Mitchell (Amazon)

Great, enlightening book. This is a great brief on the reality of the "global warming" swindle. It is also written in a very readable way and you cannot put it down once started.

Dr John Monroe (Amazon)

Counterpoint to AGW cultism. This informally written book gives clear reasons for the growing scepticism about the climate model driven beliefs in man made global warming catastrophes. Easy to read!

Kevin Dunn (Amazon)

Objective explanation of the climate change issue. This is an excellent and objective explanation of the climate change issue and highly recommended for those who are a little wary of simply accepting newspapers' accounts of the debate.

The authors clearly explain the background to the IPCC and the science behind climate and also give their view on why governments have taken such a keen interest in the issue.

While campaigners might be cynical about the authors - typically labelling people like them as 'deniers' - this book reads as an impartial account and should be welcomed by those, like me, who want to deepen their understanding without the hype.

Michael Rees-Evans (Amazon)

Dispassionately undermines hype of carbon pollution and global warming. The authors have examined the background to the strong political and media support for Anthropogenic Global Warming (global warming induced by industrial pollution). Detailed, well supported research and statistical analysis from wide ranging sources places in doubt the urgency for incredibly expensive solutions to an "impending crisis". Climate change is seen to be happening, but within parameters that appear to be normal. The crisis mentality appears to have been generated from data that falls within these parameters and well within small statistical margins of error.

Every 'average guy (or gal)' who is concerned about the planet we live on should read this book.

Mel (Amazon)

Good book to read and understand about the issues of climate change. This book is written with questions, then answers. The material presented is factual and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wishes to understand the controversy of climate change. I wish this book would be required reading for the public.

Judith A Whelan (Amazon)

A cooler perspective on climate. Most of my friends accept that global warming is driven by human-generated carbon dioxide release. That said, I doubt that many of them understand the history of global climate or the physical/chemical relationships that control it. In essence, most of us have opinions that come from the same media that slams climate skeptics.

Taxing air explains many reasons why science should look beyond the carbon dioxide hypothesis. It offers an alternative optimistic perspective on climate change. Whether or not you agree with Spooner's conclusions, you will find Taxing Air is an excellent primer on scientific method and global climate change.

John from Burlington, USA (Amazon)

Certain to upset Al Gore. This book, worth buying for Spooner's insightful cartoons alone, is packed with facts the climate establishment would prefer you didn't know. The case for radical urgent action on climate change is blown to pieces, replaced with a rational plan to deal with climate hazards as they arise. A must read.

MarchH (Amazon)

Great addition to the discussion of AGW. A must read for an easy to explanation about the whole issue of anthropogenic global warming. Especially well documented facts on the lengths the supporters of the theory will go to deny the evidence which casts doubt on the theory.

FHB5 (Amazon)

Taxing Air presents for the lay reader a clear and compelling account of the Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change, made all the more compelling and enjoyable by John Spooner’s mordantly entertaining cartoons … (the) book that is an educative pleasure to read and deserves the widest circulation.

Tom Bostock

"Taxing Air" just released should be actively promoted. The Subject matter above says it all. The release timing is perfect for Tony Abbott. The John Spooner cartoons are excellent. Go to it NOW.

Graham Gofton

The diagrams and illustrations are superb and thanks for including some humour. The book just about covers everything a layman needs to know.

Bob Brinsmead

I was especially impressed by the superb graph illustrations. The best I have ever seen. The excellent cartoons by John Spooner are the icing on the cake.

Gerrit van der Lingen

This book provides factual evidence to contradict all the popular claims of the climate change industry. It shows that the claimed “scientific consensus” in favour of human-induced global warming is not true, and that thousands of scientists have publicly rejected the claim.

This balanced and highly readable presentation is generously illustrated by dozens of Spooner cartoons which highlight just how absurd the climate debate has become.

Peter Westmore

... a book that comprehensively deals with the issues in a way that is aimed at a layman ...

Ian Hipwell

... this is the very best instructional book one could read with the desire to clearly understand the realities of the earth’s climate, in order to separate oneself from the amazing fallacies spread daily by those who wish to make political gains at the expense of a public with little ability to understand scientific misinformation.

Jay Lehr

Taxing Air by Bob Carter and John Spooner

by Bob Carter & John Spooner
with Bill Kininmonth, Martin Feil,
Stewart Franks, Bryan Leyland

ISBN: 9780646902180
Full colour paperback, 288 pp
Distributed by Dennis Jones
Pub date: 1 July 2013

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